Family Discipleship


2 - 3 years & 4 - 5 years


K - 5th grade



Our goal in CP Tots is to begin building a firm foundation of faith in Jesus Christ. The lessons in our Toddler (2- and 3-year-olds) and Preschool (4- and 5-year-olds) classes are designed to help the children understand important truths such as: God loves us and God is with us, as well as important concepts such as: who God is, how we see Jesus throughout the Bible, and how the Holy Spirit helps us live out our faith



Our purpose in CP Kids is to help our kids see Jesus in all of the Bible and in all of their lives.

In CP Kids we follow a pattern of HEAD, HEART, HANDS, and FEET for the kids' discipleship. The verses and the story help them treasure the word in their HEAD so that they can connect their whole life to God’s Big Story in their HEART. What will they do next with their HANDS in prayer and friendship and FEET through action? Let’s find out!

Each week the kids work on discussion sheets that contain H.E.A.R. questions. With their grade-based small groups the kids HIGHLIGHT things they learned, EXPLAIN major points from the story, APPLY the story to their life, and RESPOND with next steps and by praying for each other at the end of our small group. 

Click through the link to find some great resources. You can find PDF's of our schedule for CP Kids, the Kindergarten and First grade booklet, the Second through Fifth grade booklet, even that weeks' discussion questions! Please work on the verse with your kids in preparation for each week's lesson. Additionally if you are new to the faith or want to work with your kids through the building blocks of faith in Jesus, you can also find the G.O.S.P.E.L. booklets! They lead our kids through 5 major bible verses that teach us all about Jesus and what He has done.