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About us

CrossPoint is a Christian nondenominational church. We believe Jesus is the point of everyone’s story, whether they realize it or not. He is the reason for our preaching, our worship, our groups, our kids’ environments, our community presence, and even the hot coffee and fresh bakery. We exist to point people to the power of the cross of Jesus, and life through his resurrection.




In 1997, a group of people with a passion for the mission of Jesus Christ and the development of leaders started a new movement in Hales Corners, Wisconsin, called New Hope Community Church.

New Hope began to grow and bought a building in Franklin in 2000; a few years later we added to the building to make room for even more growth. In 2008 New Hope was still growing so we planted a church in West Allis called Fair Park Community Church. In the years following, New Hope developed plans to add to the building again in response to a desire to reach and serve more people.

​By 2013 God made it clear that the best way to do that was not to add on to our building but to move to more people. So the leaders of New Hope and Fair Park began spending lots of time praying, thinking, and talking about the best way—God’s way—to do that. We determined that God wanted us to come back together as a new church with a new vision in the city of West Allis. That is how CrossPoint started, as a non-denominational church with our first service together on June 16, 2013 in Franklin. Within a few months, we sold our building and on February 9, 2014, we held our first service at West Allis Central High School. We learned and grew up a lot during the three years we met at Central, doing “portable church” for a second season. It was the right time for God to move us into the community to help, serve, volunteer, build relationships, and seek the welfare of our city. This is what we mean when we talk about being “on the move.”

In March of 2016 God provided an opportunity for us to purchase a property to call home again. The Goodwill store on Oklahoma Ave. had outgrown its space and was renovating a larger property across the street. We purchased the store and began working that Spring. Within one year, a church of 150 people (that’s us) and their friends built out 18,000 square feet. Except for the drywall and some of the carpeting, the people of CrossPoint put their own hands to work. God provided the money. God provided the strength. God protected our bodies. Without God’s hand, we never would have made it to the starting line! We began meeting at our new location in May, 2017.

We are still on the move. We are still looking for God at work and joining Him in what He is doing. We think West Allis is a great city and that God moved us here to be an outpost for His glory wherever we gather and serve.

That is why we are here. We want to serve you. We want to share with you the utterly unique and irresistible grace of God. Are you looking for a fresh start? We’ve been there. Have you messed up? So have we.

If you are still reading this, we have a lot more in common than you think. That is why redemption is so important to us. I’ll bet it’s important to you too.

We meet at 11000 West Oklahoma Avenue in West Allis every Sunday at 10 AM. We look forward to meeting you and hearing your story, because your story will shape our own!




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