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Beliefs, Mission, and Values

What we Believe

It's vital to know what we believe and why we believe it. In the link below, you can find CrossPoint's statement of faith on scripture, God, Jesus Christ, and more.

Doctrinal statement

What we Do and Why

Our mission defines what we are supposed to be doing. This is how we ultimately measure success:

CrossPoint Church is on the move to redeem people with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Our core values define why we do what we do. These are what matter most as we help people find new life with Jesus Christ at the center.


Gospel means “good news.” The gospel of Jesus is the power which brings people who are far away from God into His family. This gospel continually reminds us who God is and who we are. We express this by our preaching, teaching, and generosity.


Relationships between people and families are where genuine love and commitment happen. We express this through thriving small group environments, and worshiping and serving together.


According to Jesus we are sent to people who are far from God to draw them near, which means the church is always on the move. We show this by mobilizing people for service projects in our cities.


God made us learners, or disciples, so that we can make more disciples. We are intentional about multiplying disciples of Jesus, as well as small groups, leaders, and more local churches. We show this through hands-on leadership development.

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